12 days yeay !!

Hello Everyone,

It’s been 12 days I have started this blog and presently I have 12 recipes posted. It’s been a great motivating start and I am really enjoying every bit of it. Cooking everyday and posting it on the blog is seriously an amazing feeling. I never thought I would be such a serious food blogger considering my less inclination towards the techie things like blogging (for me). Posting the recipes has really increased the urge inside me to cook more delicacies and share them with you.

Within these newbie days of mine I have got a good response from many of you regarding the content and what new you would like to see. I am trying my best to include your suggestions and comments as I can. It really inspires me to learn and share more from this wonderful world of cooking.

I hope you keep sending me your comments and views. I look forward to hear from you, regarding the blog layout, recipes, content, etc. Keep commenting and emailing me, it really helps me improvise. The more the better ;).

Happy cooking !!

6 thoughts on “12 days yeay !!

  1. Deepa, hi
    Im really glad you started this blog..your recipes are simple and so easy to execute with absolute no fuss.Reading your blog and looking at the pictures, I’m pretty confident that I can start attempting certain recipes that I dreaded cooking before

    Keep it up

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