Sabudana Vada with Peanut Chutney

In Dadar, Mumbai there is an eatery called Prakash, just close by Sena Bhavan. This is generally a must trip who ever visits Siddhivinayak Temple in Prabhadevi. This must be as old as my father, its famous for its maharashtrian dishes such as Misal, sabudana vada, batata vada, masale bhat and their Piyush. Now being in Pune I can’t visit this place often and relish all these dishes as I used.

Even though I can’t visit I keep preparing this dish to help me remember those wonderful times sitting and sharing one small table with all strangers and enjoying that garma garam plate of sabudana vada.

Sabudana Vada is a typical food consumed while fasting. Also prepared as snacks in many maharashtrian houses.

Who says you need to fats to eat sabudana vada ;).. Enjoy!!

This dish goes to Pari’s combo event at Foodelicious.

Ingredients –

For the Vada –

Tapioca / Sabudana – 1 ½ cups
Peanuts – 2 cups
Green chilies – 3 – 4
Boiled Potato – 2 medium sized
Salt – to taste
Sugar – ½ teaspoon
Oil/ Ghee – to deep fry

Procedure –

  • Wash sabudana 2 – 3 times and soak in water just about a centimeter above the sabudana level. Let it soak for 6-7 hours.
  • Sabudana should become soft and separate but not sticky.
  • In a kadhai roast peanuts till the skin of the peanuts become brown and can be easily removed. Turn of the gas and let it cool. Remove the skin after cooling and grind coarsely.
  • Grind the green chilies. Mash the boiled potato properly.
  • In a vessel mix sabudana, ground peanuts, mashed potatoes, green chilies, salt and sugar thoroughly and shape into small lemon sized balls. Flatten them a bit.
  • Heat oil in a pan and deep fry these balls on low flame till golden brown in color.
  • Serve hot with the Peanut chutney especially made for the fasting day.

For the Peanut Chutney –

Roasted peanuts (de-skinned) – 1 cup
Coconut (freshly desiccated) – 1 cup
Green chilies – 2-3
Salt – to taste
Cumin seeds – ½ teaspoon

Procedure –

  • Finely grind the freshly desiccated coconut, roasted peanuts, green chilies, cumin seeds and salt.
  • Add water as per the required consistency but do not make it runny. It should form a fine paste.

Tips –

While soaking sabudana add 3 – 4 teaspoons of milk to it so that the sabudana becomes soft.
You may add coriander to the chutney too. I haven’t added since many people prefer not to eat coriander on the fasting day.

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  2. Hey peopleeeeee thanks so much for your wonderful replies and so much of love and support. I am so happy that the comments have gone to the second page :)

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  3. Hi Deepa, reading about your food memories of Bombay brought back great food memories of eataries at every corner, the road wala chaats, sandwiches, juice shops – the list is endless. Not to miss the number of places that are open even at nights unlike here in Chennai. The sabudana vada is always a favourite with everyone at home. Like your tip about adding milk to make it soft. The peanut chutney is a yum recipe too and must be an added bonus to make the sabudana vadas even more delicious.

  4. hi
    i have eaten these wadas from prakash with its yummy peanut chutney. i was looking for the recepie of this chutney because i have made wadas at home
    and this was great i found exactly what i was looking for
    thankyou for posting it

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