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Guest blogger – Renuka from Love of Cooking..

Hey everyone,

Today we have our friend Renuka of Love of Cooking here as the guest blogger. What a lovely name of a blog. (Don’t we all share the same passion!!) Let us see what she has to share with us today!!


First of all Thanks alot Deepa for giving me this wonderful opportunity to write a guest post on this beautiful blog of yours. Its really a wonderful feeling that my post is going to be on your blog :) Its an honour!

I am originally Maharashtrian; born and brought up in Pune. After marriage I became part of a loving Konkani family which hails from Karnataka. So my day to day cooking has flavors from all these fantastic cultures. My mother is my idol in life. Cooking is just one of the things in which I try to be like her even though I am sure I can never match her perfection :) I have learnt cooking, watching her and of course by calling her endlessly for even the smallest problem I face :)  Thanks to my mother in law who has introduced me to wonderful Karnataka and Konkani cuisines. And all the credit goes to my sweet husband for always being enthusiastic about my experiments in kitchen. :)

I was an IT professional. When I quit my job for staying with my husband in US, I was told by many people how boring it can be. But during this time my passion for cooking has reached another level. I am totally enjoying being Homemaker and staying in US with my hubby. I consider Homemaker is the highest paying job bacuase its the most satisfying job one can have :)

Though I was addicted to reading food blogs since long time, I started writing my blog only 4 months back. Initially one of the main purpose of blogging was to keep collection of all the recipes I try. But as the days passed, I started enjoying blogging more and more. I have made some great friends. Thanks to all my blogger buddies for all the love showered on my blog. I am proud to be small part of this giant world of food bloggers! I have become addicted to blogging now and I have no intension of quitting this addiction :)

Now its time for todays recipe which is Gajar Halwa ( Carrot pudding). This is one of very simple and rich dessert. This is the first dessert I ever prepared! We have all seen our Bollywood heroes going crazy over ‘Gajar ka halwa’ in so many movies. :) And you can’t blame them. Who will not go crazy over delicious Gajar halwa :) So here goes the recipe!


2 cup grated carrots
3 cups milk
3/4 cup sugar (adjust to your taste)
1 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp cashews and almonds


  1. Heat milk in deep vessel. Add grated carrot. Keep stirring frequently.
  2. When carrot is half cooked add sugar and ghee.
  3. Cook till all the milk is evaporated and halwa becomes thick. You need to keep stirring quite frequently the whole time.
  4. Garnish with cashews and almonds. You can fry them in a teaspoon of ghee before adding.

Serve hot or cold according to your choice. Gajar halwa with ice cream also makes a delicious combo!


Thanks so much Renuka for sharing this wonderful dessert loved by all. A visit to your blog would take us all on a food tour for sure..Do visit Love of Cooking!!