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I am back to the gang!!!!

There are certain reasons why am I smiling from ear to ear. :-D.  Some of the most important reasons would be that

I am back (wooooooohoooo)

My results came out amazing

And the fantastic war that we won against thieves

Also, now that I am back it cannot go without a recipe post ;)

Yes, people I am back. I took a great big break of around 2 months. I am so happy to be back. I am very thankful to every one of my blogger friends for the support that I had received since I have not been around. I hope that love and comments continue. I did try my best to keep the Guest blogger on, but due to time constraints and exams over my head I missed some posts. I will make sure that I make up for this and I shall start guest posts right from the coming Tuesday. Extremely sorry for missing this.

Now, to a super news – my resultsssssssssssssssssss. I still get goose bumps when it comes to exam dates and results. Such was my condition last week. I was really tensed for the results of my German level which were recently announced.

What, oh I missed to mention the result ;) (height of shamelessness hhihiihiihi)

I stood First in my classs, whoooooooohooooooo. It’s such an awesome feeling that I can’t express. I felt as a kid would feel, looking at the results and felt like flying high up above. I am waiting for the next term to start.

Now, the third and the amazing thing. Some days back Madhuri from Cook- Curry Nook sent me a message regarding a certain (I don’t want to give any promotions to them hence not mentioning their website or other links) FB group had copied a photograph of mine from the post Bread Upma. Madhuri has done an amazing job fighting with them all the way for couple of days. Ignoring her health due to which she could not sit at the computer for a long time she kept fighting with them. Finally, happiness and rewards. Their facebook page and their identities are banned and we won.

For some amazing feedback and fight, support on this please visit the following link on Madhuri’s facebook page.

I request all of you to use the following logo on your website and join the cause against theft, plagiarism.

The following award is for our dear blogger Madhuri for her amazing awareness and her fight for the cause. Cheers Madhuri, use the following logo on your website for a job well done. If you know anyone who has done such a thing for this cause, or you have yourself, please send me some information and details so I can create a badge for you with your name and post it across with you great deed ;)

Also I want to pass this message across that you watermark all your work, put copyright information on your website. Some steps can be taken to avoid theft for sure.

Now to celebrate this I made cookies. Adapted the recipe from Rachel Allen. Dipped some in dark chocolate sauce. So enjoy guys and stay alert!!

Now the badge of honour and a badge to join the cause. Please display this on your blog to show the world that we appreciate originality and can’t tolerate thieving.

Madhuri this is for you..Thanks so much!!