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Rava Laddus (Semolina Laddus)

Serves – 5

Ingredients -

Barik rava (fine semolina) - 2 cups
- ½ cup
- 1 3/4 cups
Water - 1 cup water
Elaichi powder (cardamom) - 1 tea spoon
Raisins for toppings - optional

Procedure -

  • Roast rava on a medium flame along with the ghee in a pan till the rava turns little brown in color. Keep it aside.
  • In another pan, heat the water and sugar mixture on medium flame, stirring continously till the sugar dissolves. Increase heat and bring the syrup to boil till it a reaches single thread consistency.
  • Add this syrup slowly to the rava and keep stirring to avoid lump formation. Add the cardamom powder.
  • Keep this mixture aside and let it cool for couple of hours. Once it is cooled it thickens.
  • Make laddus of this mixture. (small round balls).
  • Decorate with raisins.

Tips –

Always use fine semolina for making any type of semolina laduus.