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Time management in the kitchen, one of the answers to why Cooking ain’t rocket science

Recently, I had been to a friends place where I came across a lady who was mentioning her tiring routine of cooking and cleaning her kitchen (Cinderella in the making, is she ;)). After her never ending speech (pheeew, it finally got over) I could only realize that she was putting her entire day in the kitchen just for cooking simple everyday meals. I wonder what will happen if she has to cook for a party. I am sure even the world’s best cooks do not spend their whole day in the kitchen for cooking even the biggest meals.

It’s a wrong myth that if and only if a person spends a lot of time in the kitchen he becomes a good cook. The reality check is that, this person isn’t one at all or is a very slow poke. Seriously, whole day in the kitchen for cooking simple everyday meals, no way !!

A good cook will always have everything ready to his or her command. Things are planned and sorted much before the actual cooking takes place. Time management is the key for a successful living.

Here are some tips and ideas I follow,

  • Always make a list of the things you need to do and prioritize before you start cooking. This also includes shopping, collecting, and keeping all the ingredients ready.
  • Always keep the work area clean, tidy and uncluttered. Be organized. This helps cooking to be much easier and simpler.
  • Always prepare a menu which is tried and tested. Never attempt anything new especially during parties and special meals. You never know it might just turn out to be a fiasco.
  • When trying a recipe for the first time, always make sure you follow it ditto. Do not make changes at the very first go. Changes can be made in the next cooking attempts as per personal tastes and preferences.
  • When using rare and delicate crockery for parties always have them cleaned and polished a day prior. This will save a lot of time.
  • Stock food for future use. It can be used for an emergency or when unexpected guests drop in. Or just getting ready for the next week.
  • Store your food promptly and properly the moment you are back home to avoid spoilage and wastage.
  • Stored items can be used for future preparations. This is very helpful when you are in a hurry or a large menu is to be prepared. For e.g. Chopped onions, capsicums can be refrigerated in an air tight container for 1 – 2 days. Boiled potatoes can be stored similarly. Chappati dough can be stored in bulk by wrapping it with plastic film and freezing it. Likewise many items can be stored. So start storing and save precious cooking time.

I am sure the above will help you in improving your time management skills. You too might have more tips and ideas which you follow. I would love to hear them as well so please do share.

Till then,

Happy cooking and eating,


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