Today’s Guest blogger is Ed Shenk

I was actually very surprised to see Ed post right back after I posted the Guest blogging idea. I saw his post and was very happy to see him reply to me. He has a great blog and wonderful recipes.

So introducing Ed Shenk

I am a classically trained Chef with 20 years experience. After success as a Chef I went to work for a major corporation as a Manager of Food Service. I became involved with writing through an association with a 501(c) Charitable organization where I wrote press releases and articles for a publications relating to Blues music (another passion). This culminated in my writing an entry which was published in the book “Encyclopedia of the Blues” on Routledge Press.

I have always written recipes and was intrigued by Blogging as an outlet for my passion for food. I made a commitment and the result is what you see on my page Detroit Eats. You can also learn more about me at More about Chef Ed.

How to make Cheese  :)

I am a from “scratch” person. I have made my own bread (and my own yeast to make the bread), my own pasta, my own wine and beer and broke down venison into usable cuts. One thing I have wanted to make, but hadn’t attempted, was cheese. I can add that to my list of “from scratch” food items.

After doing a little research I decided to give it a shot and you know what -it’s pretty darn easy. For my first attempt I chose Ricotta because it is probably the easiest cheese to produce.

No gadget or intricate formulas. Just milk, a thermometer, something to curdle the milk and cheesecloth. With milk and cheesecloth in the house I did have to decide what to use to curdle the milk. There seemed to be 3 ways I could do this. The first was to add rennet to the milk. Rennet itself comes in a tablet form and is available near the puddings in the supermarket.

The second was to add buttermilk. This seemed like an unnecessary expense. The third was to add white vinegar. Being unsure which was the best way to go I decided on a middle of the road approach. I used vinegar AND rennet. In the end this was really the way to go as it worked great.

Now I had a recipe, 1 gallon of milk (whole) with the addition of 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1/4 tablet of rennet (I dissolved the rennet in the vinegar). I heated the milk up (while stirring constantly) until it reaches 200 degrees (this is where the thermometer comes in). When the milk approached 200 degrees I took it off the stove and stirred in the vinegar/rennet mixture.

This would separate the cheese curds from the whey. I covered the pot and waited for the magic to happen. Now I had read recipes that said to leave the mix out overnight and I had read recipes that said that all you need is 15 minutes for it to curdle.

In the end I decided to let it cool on the counter (about 4 hours) before attempting to strain off the cheese. After 4 hour I lined a colander with cheesecloth and scooped out the curds. I was amazed. After draining the cheese overnight (in the refrigerator) I got about 2 # out of the first batch. Not bad for a first attempt and it was good I tell you, very good. So good I don’t think I need to buy Ricotta in the store ever again ;)

Thanks Ed. Cheese……mmmm, something you can’t resist. Hope you all like this recipe by Ed.

17 thoughts on “Today’s Guest blogger is Ed Shenk

  1. Hi Ed…good to know about you. This is very similar to making paneer(indian cheese), where lemon juice is mostly used to curdle the milk.

    Thanks for sharing !!! Visited your space at Detroit Eats !

  2. It was nice to know cheese making from scratch & found it almost same as Paneer making
    Thanks 4 sharing Ed…It was nice to visit ur Blog !!

  3. @Ed,
    Wonderful informative post ! Will be visiting your space for more :)

    Thanks yaar ! your guest blogs are helping out new friends around :)

  4. @Ed,
    Wonderful informative post ! Will be visiting your space for more :)

    Thanks yaar ! your guest blogs are helping out meeting new friends around :)

    P.S : delete my earlier comment it doesn’t have verb :( and couldn’t find delete option, I better shuddup soon the comment is getting weirder :P

  5. wow gr8 recipe to make ricotta cheese, it a bit similar to cottage cheese making…It was inded gr8 to know abt Ed, he is a wonderful chef to make everythng from scrach, evn yeast, thats awesome

  6. Nice to know about you Ed!!.. you just made making cheese at home soo possible and positive!!.. :)… nice one!!.. thank you Deepa!… @ Deepa: I would like to share some awards with you please accept it from my blog:):)

  7. Nice to know about you Ed..Thanks Deepa for this wonderful guest post. Now I can try my hands on making cheese at home, thanks to you both :-)
    Happy Valentine’s day !!

  8. Wow I am sooo sorry for the late replies.

    SE, Usha, Deepti, Gita, Preety, Ruchika, Jyoti, Kanchan, Pari, Rohini, Ashwini, Siddhi, Devi, Jagruti and Namitha – Thank you for the replies. :) Let’s hope I can get some time soon to prepare Cheese. Thanks Ed.

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