Tuesday is here and our tomorrow’s guest blogger is…….

Hello Everyone,

We are back on one of my favorite days ;). Here we get to know our tomorrow’s guest blogger. So, without wasting anymore time…tomorrow’s guest blogger is “Chitra”

Chitra’s says her blog captures her culinary point of view as an Indian girl born and brought up in the US. You will find traditional recipes, some are re-invented (exactly as she says), which shows her interest in various kinds of cuisines such as Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Middle Eastern, etc. There are also others that we can find which she has gathered from her travels across various places such as Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Japan, Argentina, etc. (what’s left :P). She has always loved cooking and is now her passion and obsession. Her mom is her teaher in cooking and enjoys a lot of cooking vegetarian North Indian food as her father is form Allahabad, India and South Indian food from her mom.

She lives in Brooklyn and  is more involved in community food organizations. She belongs to CSA ( community supported agriculture ) where she receive fruits and veggies straight from the farm, (woah ! way to go).  She is also a volunteer for Slow Food, an organization that believes in traditional, slow cooking methods for preparing foods and am involved with edible school gardens and a community garden in my neighborhood. (Too good girl).

It’s an amazing thing to know that recently she started a Ssupper club, she says it’s basically a restaurant in a home, with her friend Sabra to bring people together and enjoy a home-cooked meal. (Awesome idea). The menu was a blend of Indian and Mexican cuisine and we have plans to expand the event to include music, art and comedy.

Wow it’s amazing to read so much about you. So people am sure you all are excited to come back tomorrow to enjoy a very tasty recipe she is going to share with us. I will definitely be posting a link to her Supper club get-together. Make sure you come back everyone !!!


If you wish to have yourself featured as a guest blogger send me an email. It can contain anything you wish to put in and share with all of us (not necessarily cooking related) your experiences in life, funny moments, etc. You can have a look at the earlier guest posts to have an idea.

Please email me your entries at – deepa[dot]godbole[at]gmail[dot]com (please replace the symbols where necessary)

Pass this message to everyone who wants to be a part of this. I am sure there must be lot of people who would love to share loads from the cooking world and about them, with all of us.

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